4 Fun Ways to Stay Fit in 2016

With the New Year comes new year’s resolutions. If one of those resolutions is to stay fit in 2016, try out these 4 fun ways to stay fit in the New Year and kick off your new year’s resolutions!

One of the lowest-impact and easiest fitness activities to pick up is swimming. Not only is swimming a great cardio exercise, but it builds muscle, increases circulation, improves balance and flexibility, and even reduces pain and inflammation associated with joint discomfort. Swimming is an excellent way to be active and stay fit while preventing any injury.

We know everyone dreads getting ready for a run, but it can be one of the most fun and social forms of exercise! Get a group of neighbors or friends together and coordinate days and times when everyone’s available, hold each other accountable and hit one of the many trails around Bozman Farms!

Tennis is a full-body sport, meaning it will strengthen your upper body, lower body, and core, which coincides with improving stamina and overall fitness. It’s a fast-paced game that will raise your heart rate, which is the key to fat loss. The immediate downside is the high impact on joints and potential for muscle strains, so be careful not to overdo it early on. Stay hydrated, be aware of your body, and know your limits. That being said, it’s a fun and competitive activity, so grab your racket and get on the court!

Every golf fan will tell you once you get out on the green, you’re hooked! Golf improves mobility and is low-impact, meaning everyone should be able to play a few holes. Golf is especially great for those looking for an activity where they can play at their own pace and ease back into exercise.

These are just a few options – get creative and find other activities that call your name! Good luck and here’s to a happy, healthy new year in Bozman Farms! Visit our website to see what available homes we have or visit us in person today!

Stay fit in Bozman Farms in 2016!

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