4 Pet Friendly Activities To Try This Summer Around Wylie

Are you tired of playing the same old game of fetch with your dog? Not to worry, there are tons of fun activities your furry friend will love. Here are 5 newpet friendly activities for you to try out this summer around the Wylie community.

Close-up of dog


  • Catch a movie outdoors. Outdoor movies are very popular during the summer. So grab your dog and a couple of blankets and head to a local park for an outdoor movie. Before you go, take your pup on a nice, long walk to wear them out a bit. That way you can both watch the movie and relax.


  1. Give your pup a good wash. Summer is the perfect time to give your dog a bath. Now, we all know when it comes to giving your dog a bath inside, more than likely your whole house ends up soaked and covered in shampoo. This summer take your friend outside for a good old puppy carwash. All you need is a hose, a bucket and a few towels!


  1. Take your puppy for a swim. Enjoy an afternoon of cruising around with your pup by yourself this summer and rent a boat. Lavon Lake is only a short drive away and had a variety of rental boats to choose from. Get your doggy life vest ready for a day full of fun on the water.


  1. Get a bite to eat in Wylie. If you are new to Wylie, this pet-friendly activity is perfect for you! Find a local restaurant with a dog-friendly patio for you and your dog to sit down and have a cool drink. Not only will your pup love all the attention but you could also make a friend or two thanks to your adorable furry companion.


Summer is a time for relaxation and adventure. So why not include your dog in on all the fun? We would love to hear about any activities you have planed with your dog this summer! Visit the Bozman Farms Facebook page to tell us all about it!

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