The 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Need This Year

We all know the traditional Valentine’s Day route is to give a bouquet of roses or a heart-shaped box full of delicious chocolates, but why not give a gift that is a little more thoughtful this year? With these five gift ideas, picking out a truly kindhearted gift for your special someone has never been easier.



  1. LOTSA LOVE Candle

Now, you may be thinking, well what’s so great about a candle? Well, this isn’t just any candle. As it burns, a secret piece of collectible jewelry is revealed! There could be anything from a $10 to a $450 piece of gorgeous jewelry waiting for you at the end of each candle. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you just might get one of the few selected candles with an extraordinary jewel worth $10,000!

  1. 12 Pre-Planned Dates

Whether it’s due to kids or work, life can get so busy we forget to set aside something as simple as a date night; that’s why this 12 pre-planned date idea is perfect for couples! Here’s how it works: plan a date for each month of the year, put it in an envelope and have your loved one open the envelope up at the beginning of each month. This way, your Valentine’s gift lasts all year!

  1. Two-Seater Bike

A little unusual, yes, but the two-seater bike is an ideal gift for those couples who like to stay fit. This bike is a fun, casual way of spending time together outdoors. And just think, how fun would it be to ride around your community? The paths and trails around Bozman Farms in Wylie lend themselves perfectly to bikers of all levels.

  1. Our Love Personalized Photo Cube

This personalized photo cube fits any 4 photos of you and your loved one, making it the perfect keepsake for you to enjoy over the years. The name engraving option makes this gift an exquisite decorative piece for the office and for the home. To order yours  in time for February 14, click here.

  1. Couple’s Massage

Booking a couple’s massage for you and your significant other is a popular Valentine’s Day gift! A couple’s massage is an amazing, intimate experience shared with the person who means the most to you. It allows you to escape your everyday busy life and step into a moment of relaxation together.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are even more fun when you’re a part of a master planned community like Bozman Farms! You can choose to spend the day in your beautiful home, with your neighbors or at a nearby community event! To learn more about the community, take a look at our website.

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