5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids

What kid doesn’t love dirt, water, grass, animals and every other natural resource the earth provides? In honor of Earth Day 2015, here are 6 ways to share the importance of Earth Day while letting your kids get their hands a little dirty at the same time!



1. Beautify Something

Take a look around the front yard or your neighborhood. Is there anything that catches your eye and could use some sprucing up? Nothing helps beautify the springtime like the popping colors of spring flowers! Instead of driving, bike down (because it is Earth Day after all) to your local garden center and buy some blooms. A perennial flower would be perfect to plant around your home so the kids can see their hard work year after year!

2. Family Challenge

Who doesn’t love a little family competition? Grab the whole family for some competitive family fun to celebrate Earth Da. There are tons of different games you can play – like seeing who can make the least amount of trash or who can collect the most cans all week. Create a grand prize to really get the competition going!

3. Treat Your Plants

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty and giving your plants a treat. Start off your day by collecting any weeds, leaves and dying plants. Clean out some of your kitchen waste and grab some old veggies or fruits. Then, have your kids mix them all up together and pick a spot in your yard to let them decompose. Your plants and grass will thank you for this lovely treat by looking better than ever throughout the spring and summer!

4. Go Organic

Say yes to going organic this Earth Day! Since you’ll already be on your way to the local garden center, stop by your local farmers market on the way home for some freshly grown veggies and fruits to create your very own organic meal. Don’t have time to go to the farmers market? No worries, you can still create an organic meal by saving any leftover vegetables from one week of dinners. These leftovers will make a delicious stir fry!

 5. Re-Create The World

What better way to celebrate Mother Earth than by baking up some Rice Krispies Treats with the kids! They will have a lot of fun sculpting a globe out of the tasty cereal. Top your world-shaped Rice Krispies Treats off with some green and blue sugar and there you have it; you and your kids have re-created the world!

Earth Day isn’t just a one-day celebration. It’s a lifestyle we all should accept to make a positive impact all year long. It’s important we teach our children about the importance of our earth and the environment in a way that will leave a long-lasting impression. We would love hear what your Earth Day plans are for this year! Leave a comment telling us all about it on the Bozman Farms Facebook page. Happy Earth Day!

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