6 Winter Tips for Homeowners

Winter is an interesting time for homeowners in Wylie, Texas. Our winters in North Texas aren’t nearly as harsh as in other parts of the country, but the temperature change and weather cycles demand different methods for home upkeep. Bozman Farms has put together 6 winter tips for home owners that will ensure your winter goes smoothly and your home stays cozy.

Stock up on air filters
Make sure your air filters are good-quality and properly installed. Be sure to do regular inspections and replace them as needed. This can protect your home against dust, blocking air flow, and air quality.

Monitor your thermostat
Too often, we let our thermostats run at the same temperature at all times. A helpful tip in the winter is to adjust temperatures based on times of day. Lower the temperature when sleeping or at work and bump it back up when your family returns home.

Lower your water heater thermostat
Reduce the temperature to about 120 degrees, which should be sufficient for most water needs. Lower settings also prevent build up inside your water tank.

Flush your water tank
Flushing your tank periodically removes build up, which makes water heating easier and faster. This saves energy and lowers energy costs.

Check your insulation
This sounds simple, but more times than not, there are areas of our home where air escapes or flow into the home. Double check all your doorways, windows and anywhere that air may be able to come in. You’ll thank yourself later.

Maintain your pipes
This is perhaps the most practical piece of advice we can offer: maintain those water pipes! If your pipes freeze, time is of the essence. Shutting off the water faster and wrapping your pipes before any freezes will save you lots of money in the long haul.

Use these tips and you’ll have a safe, warm, crisis-free winter at Bozman Farms!

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