Building A New Home? Here Are 6 Patio Cover Ideas

With spring quickly approaching, many of us are already daydreaming of the sunshine and warm temperatures. Patio covers are a great way for you and your family to enjoy lounging around in the sun while keeping cool and comfortable. Here are some patio cover ideas you can easily purchase and add to your home in the future.



  1. Solid Shingles

With the use of the same shingles as your roof, solid choice are perfect for a simple patio cover addition to your home; especially if you If you like to entertain regularly.

  1. Solar Panels

Eco-stylish solar panel patio covers are quickly becoming a huge trend among homeowners. This energy-saving patio cover gives your family the comfort you want when relaxing on a warm summer day. Join this forward-thinking trend; it’ll have the whole neighborhood envious of your new solar panel patio cover.

  1. Aluminum

A popular choice for most homeowners, aluminum patio covers require very little maintenance. Alumawood is a great option for those of you wanting a natural wood look. This allows you to have the feel and look of natural wood without dealing with all the maintenance that comes with it.

  1. Lattice

Lattice patio covers are the perfect option if you don’t want a fully-covered patio. Lattice allows for you to keep some sunlight but still provides you with some protection from the sun. This is an ideal option for those families who love to garden. The lattice cover offers plants enough protection from direct sunlight, allowing your garden to grow beautifully.

  1. Wood Patio Covers

If you are looking for the real deal when it comes to having a wood patio cover, you have two choices: solid or lattice. Many people choose lattice and cover it with bamboo. This gives your patio cover an earthy, trendy feel and makes your patio the ultimate place for complete relaxation.

  1. Shade Sails

Shade sails are a more unique option. Offering stylish, symmetrical designs, these patio covers provide excellent protection from the sun. With many shapes and colors to choose from, shade sails are easily moveable to different areas of your backyard. Not to mention they are economically friendly!

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