How to Decorate with PANTONE’s Color of the Year

Have you ever been in the position where your friends or family seem to know everything when it comes to current “trends” or what’s “in”? Well now you can be ahead of the game by knowing PANTONE’s color of the year as well as how to decorate your home with it. According to PANTONE, the 2015 color, Marsala, is a naturally robust and earthy wine red that brings color warmth into home interiors.

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From incorporating throw pillows, to choosing an accent color for a wall, you can’t go wrong with Marsala. This color can add a sophisticated touch to your home and even your wardrobe! The smallest splash of Marsala can make a huge difference whether as a statement jewelry piece, a lipstick paired with a white or black dress, or even the napkins on your dining room table.

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Now it’s your chance to show off what you know about the color of the year. Remember, even the smallest splash of Marsala is enough to make an impact.

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