Delicious Thanksgiving Desserts to Serve

It’s that time again at Bozman Farms in Wylie, Texas. The leaves are turning, the air is finally getting cooler and football players are on the field – it must mean Thanksgiving is right around the corner! In preparation for one of our favorite holidays, we’ve put together a list of the most delicious Thanksgiving desserts sure to keep your guests satisfied and craving more!

Candy Bark
Attention, candy lovers and chocolate fiends! We have the perfect treat for you – homemade candy bark! Gather your favorite bite-sized candies – M&M’s and Skittles work great, you can try Kit-Kats and possibly 3 Musketeers in the bark as well. Melt bittersweet chocolate, top with your selection of candies, let cool down and harden into the bark and enjoy!

“Fallen Leaves” Cookies
These adorable treats are delicious and are prepared in no time! You’ll need pretzels, chocolate for melting, and your favorite bite-size cookies. Start by melting the chocolate, then spread on the end of the bite-size cookie. Put enough chocolate on the cookie so it’s thick but just cover a portion of the cookie. Then, stick the pretzel to the chocolate and allow your cute cookies to dry!

Pilgrim Cupcakes
Pilgrim cupcakes are delicious but take a bit more time. You’ll need a few ingredients, including edible sparkle gel. Start by making a Pilgrim hat out of melted chocolate and marshmallows. Place on top of a cookie and apply to cupcakes. Full instructions are included in the link!

“Chocolate Pinecones”
This delicious and darling dessert has dry cereal and peanut butter in the mix, so it’s part-healthy, part-sweet and all-fun! These treats require some patience and time – you’ll be stacking the dry cereal squares one by one on top of each other to create the pinecone. Top with powdered sugar and there you have it!

We know you and all your guests will enjoy these recipes, so try them out and see what’s the most popular! It’s a fun and festive way to make your Thanksgiving event even more special in Bozman Farms.

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