Fall Decorating Ideas To Try This Season

The leaves are changing colors, the air is cooler and pumpkins are being displayed on every door step. Fall is here, Bozman Farms! It’s time to start decorating your home to match the season of fall. Bring the warm autumn colors into your home with a few of these decorating projects!

White Pumpkins


To spice up the display of orange pumpkins on your front doorstep, throw some white ones into the mix. Adding some white mini pumpkins to your display will contrast beautifully with the orange ones to make your doorstep even more vibrant!

Pumpkin Vase


Photo Source: Southern Living

Instead of making jack-o-lanterns this year, hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with a stunning bouquet of flowers. This is a simple and creative project to incorporate fall into your home decorations. Whether you place it by your front door or on your dining room table, it is sure to be a lovely addition in your Bozman Farms home!

Pumpkin Candles


Photo Source: Southern Living

Although this is another pumpkin decoration, it is a creative way to light up the house at night. Mini pumpkins are the best for this. Made similar to the pumpkin vase, all you have to do is take out the stem and carve it out. Once it’s carved, you can put any small candle you want to in there (we suggest pumpkin scented).

Fall Leaf Wreath



While you’re raking the leaves this year, save a few to create a fall wreath for your front door. Incorporate red, orange and yellow leaves into your wreath to display the warm autumn colors. For directions to make a fall wreath, follow this link.

If you use any of these decorations on your home, show us! Share your picture displaying the vibrant colors of fall on your home with us on the Bozman Farms Facebook Page!

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