Fun Ideas to Have a Family Valentine’s Day Bash

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s traditionally meant to show your special someone how much they mean to you. However, getting some alone time for a romantic date when you have kids can be hard. Here’s a new idea, spread the love of Valentine’s Day to your kids and make it a fun family day!

Bozman Farms in Wylie, Texas is all about families. That’s why we’ve put together this list of fun ideas for a family Valentine’s Day celebration!

Heart Hunt Game

This game takes a lovable spin on an Easter egg hunt. All you need are a bunch of hearts, they could all be the same or you could get creative and use all different types and sizes of hearts. Set a time limit and once the time is up, you count all the hearts your kids found and whoever has the most wins!

Heart Balloon Stomp Game

All that’s needed are heart shaped balloons and some string. Blow up the balloons and then tie one to a player’s ankle. Then, run around trying to stomp on and pop the other player’s balloons!

Now to the tastier side of your Valentine’s Day family bash in Bozman Farms!

Cherry Cheesecake Rice Krispie Treat Bars

Valentine's Day Treat
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No Valentine’s Day would be complete without something sweet! This decadent dessert is quick and easy. It’s a sure way to have everyone in your home gathered around ready to dig in.

Bacon Hearts

Valentine's Day Treat 2
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For the bacon lovers in your family, wake them up in the morning with the smell of fresh bacon in the shape of a heart!

My Fruit Valentine Fruit Skewers

Valentine's Day Treat 3
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If you want to enjoy a Valentine’s Day treat that’s a little on the healthier side, then try these tasty heart shaped fruit skewers!

Give these ideas a try and spend Valentine’s Day with all the ones you love at Bozman Farms in Wylie, Texas. If you’re interested in living in a family-friendly master-planned community, take a look at the available homes we have in Bozman Farms and contact us today!

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