Get Your Workout On In The Bozman Farms Community

There is no need to hit the gym if you live in a community with a park! Grab your gear and head down to the Bozman Farms Park to try out a few of these amazing workouts!

Group Of Female Runners Exercising On Suburban Street

1. Farklek Training

Did you know that the word ‘farklek’ is Swedish for ‘speed play’? And that’s exactly what it is. This type of training is perfect to do with a partner! So grab a friend and take turns calling out the next distance to race. For example, “from that bench to the light pole!” Ricky Richey, Master Instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) explains, “This type of training has been used to increase both aerobic and anaerobic capacity in runners, cyclists and to military soldiers.”

2. Park Bench Set-Ups

While this exercise may seem like a breeze in the park, bench set-ups can really get your heart racing! Whether you’re stepping or jumping up, doing standing push-ups or tricep dips, a park bench offers a variety of exercises, making it the perfect gym equipment!

3. Towel Pulls

Wrap the towel around the waist of your partner and have them run while you try to pull them back. This is the perfect way to add resistance training into your routine; all you need is an old towel and a friend!

4. Play on the Playground

The playground doesn’t only have to be for kids. You’ll be amazed at the kind of ab workout you can get from the swings or the killer leg workout you’ll get from climbing around! Working out can be fun too, give it a try!


One of the many perks of living in Bozman Farms is our park and residents love getting their workout on here. For more information about the community, visit our website today!

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