Indoor Games to Play With Your Family in Bozman Farms

This time of year is always tricky when it comes to the weather, especially in Texas. You never know if it’s going to be freezing cold or 75 degrees and sunny. Since you never know what to expect, it’s hard to make big plans with your family that involves the outdoors.

So, if you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy or cold day, don’t let that day go to waste! Gather up your kiddos and try out some of these fun indoor games with your Bozman Farms family!

Disney Pictionary

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Just like it sounds, this great game is a spin on the already family fun game. Whether your kids are in first grade or twelfth, they’re sure to have a great time! You can use any Disney movie you can think of!

Fishy Races

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This clever little game is great because all your kiddos can race against each other. You can also do this for a kid’s birthday party. A few kids can race in heats and then all the winners can face off to be the fishy race champion!

You can also change it up by making them try to blow the air through a straw. 

Action Dice

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With endless possibilities, this game is sure to be a family favorite for a long time! If you have small children that may not be able to read yet, you can include a picture. This way they will be able to associate that word with an image and an action!

By making one die with actions that are easy and the second with actions that may be a little more challenging, you can help to develop and improve your children’s motor skills. And all while having a blast!

“Laser” Maze

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Let your little ones feel like 007 as they try to navigate through this maze to get to the treasure at the end of the hallway! If they do touch the “laser beams” then they have to start over.

You can adjust the amount of string depending on the age and skill level of your children.

Bozman Farms is all about families. That’s why we made it so that you and your family can have loads of fun in our outdoor amenities. However, when the weather outside isn’t fun, you can always have fun in your Bozman Farms home!

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