New to the Community? Here are the Best Ways to Meet the Neighbors

Moving to a new community, not to mention a brand new city, is a big life change. While everything is still in boxes and you’re trying to install wifi, be sure you consider how to meet your new neighbors!

In master planned communities, such as Bozman Farms in Wylie, Texas, there are plenty of opportunities as well as accessible amenities that make meeting new friends easy. If you’re in need of some additional ideas for you and perhaps the kids too, here’s a few ways to begin successfully socializing in your new neighborhood:

Visit Common Spaces

While you’re busy setting up your new home and spending a lot of time indoors, be sure to step out and go to where other neighbors convene. Making friends involves being in places where you have the opportunity to actually meet other people. Luckily for residents of Bozman Farms, there’s Collins Park Lake with a fishing pier and various planned neighborhood parks and play areas.

Attend Festivals + Local Events

In addition to taking advantage of resident events and amenities just a short distance away, venture out to local festivals and gatherings. Wylie, Texas already has some of their fun events scheduled for 2015 such as Taste of Wylie and JazzArts Fest. You can find more information about those events and more here:

Get Active

If meeting people at the gym or in your yoga class isn’t a feasible idea, adults AND kids who live in Wylie can join sports leagues; there are plenty to choose from! All youth and adult sports leagues are independent organizations operated by volunteers. You can find the list of the contact information for the individual recreation and sports leagues offered in Wylie here:

If you’re looking to make a move to or within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, consider what Bozman Farms in Wylie has to offer. You’ll not only be surrounded with beautiful nature but also with a great community of people! Contact us and come tour Bozman Farms today:

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