Recipes to Serve at Your Olympic Watch Party

Believe it or not, the Olympics are almost over! But don’t worry, there is still plenty of action to catch and plenty of time to have some friends over to root for the USA.

When hosting friends and family, there’s one thing to always keep in mind: Snacks!

So, what should you serve at your next Olympics watch party? We’re glad you asked. Here are six Olympic-themed recipes to try:

Olympic Cookies

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This treat has all of the categories covered. Tasty, festive and easy to make! You’ll love this soft, delicious sugar cookie with buttercream frosting and m&m’s that are symbolic of the Olympic rings. See the full recipe and ingredients.

Olympic Medal Treats

Everyone is a winner with these treats! This fun and easy craft project will definitely excite Bozman Farms kids at your next watch party. All you need is 24 inches of ribbon, 1 chocolate gold coin, markers, glue and circle page reinforcements. Find the full the list of instructions here.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes

No Olympic Games watching party is complete without a torch! These are not your average cupcakes, and will take a little bit of preparation, but the outcome will be so worth it for you and your family, friends and neighbors. Learn how to make Olympic torch cupcakes here.

Two Torches is Better Than One

As previously mentioned, what is an Olympic watch party without a torch? Well if you are looking for something a little easier, this is your recipe. What will you need? Ice cream cones and cheese popcorn are all you will need! For even more fun, you can also turn these simple concoctions into a game. Fill the cups and have your kids race across the room without spilling any!

The Olympics is a fun event for the athletes competing in Rio. But they’re also fun for those of us watching back home in Bozman Farms! Whether you are getting outside and enjoying the Bozman Farms amenities or staying inside and enjoying the action, don’t forget about the snacks!

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