Six Ideas for Your Own Summer Olympics

Tomorrow, the 2016 Olympics will officially begin! If you have kiddos running around your Bozman Farms home, they might not get the significance or have the attention span to sit down and watch the numerous events.

But to get your kids into the spirit, we have put together a list of kid-friendly crafts and activities to celebrate the Summer Olympics.

Ice Cream Torch

Summer Olympics
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Every Olympics needs a grand Opening Ceremony! Cool off with some ice cream and waffle cones to make your very own Olympics torches. Take a picture of your kids each hold these up and they’re sure to be a hit on social media.

The 40-Yard Dash

This event is easy to set up, for obvious reasons. Just create your start and finish line and have everyone participating line up. Once you’re ready, use a horn or your hands to make a loud noise and they’re off!

Shot Put 

To replicate the shot put competition, all you’ll need is some bocce balls! Once again place your starting point and record the distance to see who can throw it the farthest.


If you have a Frisbee, you have a discus! Once again, see who can throw it the farthest to determine the winner.

Bean Bag Toss

Summer Olympics
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Another great contest to include in your Bozman Farms Olympics – the bean bag toss! You’ll just need a corn hole set. Assign points by each bean bag made in the hole and each bean bag that lands on the board!

Closing Ceremonies

While you can make the games as fun as you’d like, you can also assign values to each game and then decide a winner at the very end. When dealing with kids, a simple pizza party with a celebration will do!

Bozman Farms has plenty of space to host your Bozman Farms Olympic Games! With plenty of open green spaces, your games will have the whole neighborhood talking. Learn more about Bozman Farms and see why Wylie is the perfect fit for you!



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