Survival Guide to Winter Workouts

Winter is here, and it can be nearly impossible to get moving. The warmth and comfort of our homes and couches seems so much more alluring than running in the cold or getting to the gym. Somehow, our motivation seems to be completely drained when the sun goes down earlier and the temperature keeps dropping. But don’t get discouraged – Bozman Farms has your survival guide on winter workouts. We’ll make sure you keep moving and don’t lose sight of your goals!

Warm Up Indoors First
This little trick will make or break your work out. If you’re a runner or like to exercise outdoors, the cooler temperatures can break your motivation. Try doing a few jumping jacks, lunges and push ups inside before you start your work out. You’ll find yourself ready to go, even in the tough climate.

Mind Your Meals
Have you ever heard the phrase, “abs are made in the kitchen?” It’s true. Even if you’re not in your peak exercise mindset, minding your meals and keeping your diet in check will be your best bet. The healthier your diet and more balanced your meals, the more energy you’ll have and more likely you are to hit the gym.

Find a Work Out Partner
Having someone to cheer you on when you’re just not feeling like working out is not only motivating, but it’s more accountability than we would have on our own. Make sure to find someone who will support you and even drag you to the gym on the days you just don’t feel like it.

Plan Accordingly
We’ve found the biggest work out crasher is the timing in the day. If you feel too tired waking up to darkness, make sure to flip the light switch as soon as your alarm goes off. If you’re drained after work, lug that gym bag with you to the office – nothing guilt-trips a person into working out like seeing their gym bag by their side.

These tips will save your winter work outs! Try them out and stay fit through the freeze! Make a visit to Bozman Farms or visit our website to see what Bozman Farms living is like!

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