The Best Low Maintenance Plants for Texas Landscaping

Spring is in full swing! It’s time to break out the lawn chairs and send the kids outdoors to play. Unfortunately, nice and sunny weather also comes with plenty of yard work and landscaping chores. The best way to make sure you spend more time enjoying the weather rather than working in the flower beds is to make sure you plant low-maintenance plants and flowers.  Here’s a list of Texas plants that look great and hardly require any work through spring and summer!

Texas Ranger

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The vibrant purple color of the Texas Ranger looks spectacular and exotic. The neighbors may think you spend a lot of time and water to keep them healthy, but it actually requires very little water. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us!


Black-Eyed Susan

Even during the height of the summer heat in Wylie, TX, the Black-Eyed Susan flower will stay bright and fresh! These flowers also attract beautiful butterflies. They’re the perfect addition to any Texas landscape in need of a little color.



The luscious, green Hosta plant does need consistent watering, but it thrives in the shade and can adapt to almost any soil type. It’s the perfect plant for yards that may not get as much sun throughout the day.



Forsythias are early bloomers. When you see its yellow flowers start to bloom, you know spring is in the air! Be sure to plant this bush in full sunlight to achieve the best results.



The Yew shrub is a popular choice for entryways. They have a strong tolerance for drought and can be planted in many different types of soil. They also only need partial sunlight. It produces a beautiful, but inedible, fruit that will embellish any Texas landscape design.


Making sure the plants that compose your front flowerbeds are low maintenance plants is an easy way to keep the yard work minimal during the beautiful Texas spring weather. Finding a home with a low maintenance yard can save you lots of time and money. Check out available Bozman Farms homes in Wylie, Texas, today!

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