The Best Plants to Repel Mosquitoes in Bozman Farms

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Now that the Texas heat is beginning to make its triumphant return to North Texas, the plentiful days of time spent outdoors are sure to follow!


With so many great Bozman Farms amenities, it’s easy to fill you and your family’s days with outdoor fun. From the scenic Rush Creek, 70 acres of creekside parks, fishing at the Collins Park Lake or just hanging out in your backyard, there are plenty of things to do outside.


However, with the warm temperatures come those pesky little mosquitoes, which are no fun for anyone.


Although you can find repellent sprays at your local store, did you know you can also repel mosquitoes just by simply having the right plants in your yard?


Here are five plants that help you repel mosquitoes:



Basil is a very effective way to repel mosquitoes. With essential oils that can be extracted, basil can be used as a spray or simply grown near by. Bye bye mosquitoes!



Even though cats love catmint, it is a repulsive smell to mosquitoes and does the trick when trying to remove them from your yard.



Clove is an easy-to-grow plant that on its own naturally repels mosquitoes. You can also use the plant’s oil to make your own clove mosquito repellent. Try this recipe and experience the results instantly!


Lemon Balm

Lemon balm isn’t only used for making tea taste really good; it’s also used as mosquito repellent! Take the leaves and rub them on your skin for instant results. Grow them in the garden so that you have them available whenever those pesky mosquitoes become too much to handle!



Mint, also used to flavor tea, is another plant you can use to repel mosquitoes! Same as the other plants we’ve mentioned, you can rub the mint leaves on your skin for instant mosquito relief.


It’s time to get outdoors, so don’t let the mosquitoes hold you back from enjoying the beautiful Wylie, Texas weather! Visit the Bozman Farms website and see how nature sets the stage for our master-planned community.



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