What are the Health Benefits of Being Outdoors?

February has come and gone, so now it’s time to start looking forward to beautiful spring weather. As if Bozman Farms’ excellent amenities weren’t enough of a reason to get outside and play, here are some health benefits of being outdoors.

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Boosts Immune Functioning
A walk through nature can significantly increase your body’s ability to fight illnesses. Throughout human existence, we’ve spent almost all our time in natural environments. Therefore, our bodies are still wired to function better outside. A daily nature walk can increase your body’s white blood cells by almost 40 percent!

Provides Vitamin D
Vitamin D is immensely important to child development. The American Academy of Pediatrics says vitamin D can help prevent future bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease! You may think that as long as you’re outside, your body is making this crucial vitamin. However, that isn’t always the case.

A good way to tell if your body is getting enough sunlight to make vitamin D is to look at your shadow! If your shadow is shorter than you are tall, then you’re outside at the right time to get enough sunlight. Now, if your shadow is longer than you are tall, you’re not outside at the right time and your body isn’t creating vitamin D. You can also use this chart to find the perfect time to absorb some rays.

Reduces Stress
In today’s busy world, we all find ourselves stressed out more times than we would like. Well, a daily stroll through nature can help lower the stress hormone by 13 percent, resting heart rate by 6 percent and blood pressure by 2 percent.

It’s always nice to be outside, especially in the spring! All the beautiful Wylie, TX nature starts to come back to life and the weather begins to warm up. Spring truly is a beautiful time of year, but it can also be a time for those random, Texas thunderstorms. So, if ever you and your family find yourselves stuck inside due to springtime storms, try these games to play inside your Bozman Farms home.

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