Winter Garden Tending: Do’s and Don’ts

With the winter season still upon us, we imagine you are spending most of your time indoors and less time outdoors. However, with spring just around the corner, you might want to check up on that garden of yours. Here are a few dos and don’ts to making sure your beautiful garden survives during the winter.

DO order flower and vegetable seeds from companies that are in your climatic/geographic region. They will promote the right seeds that will flourish in your climate.

DON’T overseed with ryegrass. There are a pretty few consequences with overseeding with ryegrass. Ryegrass competes for nutrients that are needed by the lawn in the spring. Not to mention you could be waiting quite a while for the ryegrass to die out on its own.

DO put up new bird boxes. Attracting birds to your garden can have many advantages. Birds that sip nectar provide pollination for garden flowers and in return will give flowerbeds that extra boost of color.

DON’T use plastic sheets to wrap plants during a freeze. Instead use a fabric covering. This will allow the moisture to escape, yet still protect plants from frost, by stopping the icy air from coming into direct interaction with the moisture.

DO plant a tree this winter. The winter is the ideal season for tree planting. However, in order for your tree to succeed, DON’T plant your tree too deep, you want it high enough to see the root flare.

DON’T make the most common mistake of over-fertilizing your garden. Using too much fertilizer can burn your plants’ roots. This will also lead to making your plants more vulnerable to insects.


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